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In a constantly changing industrial environment, the need to increase productivity, reduce production costs and improve working conditions is at the heart of all our industries. At SERAAP, we install robotic solutions within your production line. More than just a question of efficiency, the cells we install provide greater safety and operational flexibility. Our robotised workcells, designed to handle repetitive, hazardous or physically demanding tasks, help to reduce drudgery and the risk of musculoskeletal disorders for your employees.

Gaining in productivity
Limiting dangerous or difficult tasks for humans
Quality control: limiting waste and losses due to non-quality
Controlling the flexibility of production resources
Ensure safe and systematic handling of components.
Coping with labour shortages

Our customised robotic solutions

Our multi-brand industrial robotics solutions are specially designed to meet the specific needs of your business, whether it’s handling heavy loads, carrying out hazardous processes or making high-precision assemblies. Discover how our robotised workcells can become your allies in optimising your production operations.

At SERAAP, we offer advanced robotised workcell solutions specialising in the loading and handling of parts to feed existing or future industrial equipment. Our three-axis Cartesian robot technology is designed for precise pick and place of products. This robotic technology enables efficient and reliable automation of loading processes, reducing cycle times and increasing productivity. By integrating our robotic solutions into your production line, you can improve productivity and ensure safe, optimised handling of your products.

SERAAP offers highly flexible robotised workcell solutions designed to efficiently manage the sorting and organisation of bulk parts. Our system uses Cartesian or polyarticulated robots, equipped with cameras or other advanced detection technologies, to identify and retrieve identical parts from a container (bin, crate, board). These parts are then gently placed in a new location, on a tool or in another machine, depending on the specific needs of the process. The main objective of our unscrambling solution is to arrange each part in a precise direction, a crucial operation in a production line. This precision and agility in handling bulk parts improves the fluidity of the production process, while considerably reducing operator set-up times.

SERAAP’s robotic screwdriving solutions are designed to provide efficiency and improve the accuracy of assembly processes. Our industrial screwdriving systems are distinguished by their ability to adapt quickly to production changes, requiring only a few minutes for a complete reconfiguration to a new production line. This agility ensures a smooth transition and significantly reduces downtime on assembly lines. SERAAP’s automated screwing ensures consistent and reliable operation, minimising the risk of errors and product recalls. Automated screw magazine systems ensure continuous line operation and, thanks to their reliability, our robotised screwing systems maintain a high level of productivity and quality.

SERAAP has developed a specialised robotised workcell solution for unloading food products, designed to optimise packaging and handling processes in the food industry. Our automated systems are capable of efficiently handling a wide variety of food products, ensuring their rapid unloading and integrity. These robotised workcells are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to handle food products with the utmost care, minimising the risk of damage and complying with strict hygiene standards. They are programmed to adapt to the different shapes and sizes of food products, ensuring proper handling and maximum efficiency. By integrating our robotised unloading solutions, you can ensure that your food processing line runs quickly and smoothly, while guaranteeing the quality and safety of the products handled.

SERAAP’s robotic gluing line solution with Cartesian robots represents a significant advance in gluing technology, offering industries a more efficient, accurate and secure method for their robotic gluing needs. This technology is ideal for applications requiring precise and repeatable stacking. Integrating this technology into your gluing line allows more efficient use of production space, while ensuring a precise and reliable gluing process. Simple, customisable programming, a made-to-measure gripping hand, a motorised conveyor belt to make product transport easier, a painted welded structure to ensure the equipment’s durability, and safety protection equipment all contribute to the productivity and safety of the men and women who work in our industries on a daily basis.

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Analysis of customer requirements and technical and commercial proposal

At SERAAP, the process begins with a site visit and an audit of the existing situation to fine-tune the priorities and the customer’s specific requirements as described in the specifications. Particular attention is paid to the working methods applied by the operators. Discussions with the teams help to clarify the subtleties of the job and the very specific constraints of the process. This is followed by a proposal for one or more technical and financial solutions, enabling the customer to see the future. Often, as early as this pre-study phase, modifications are drawn up to arrive at a definitive version of the solution envisaged. A feasibility study, including workshop tests, is sometimes necessary to ensure that the proposed solutions fully meet the customer’s expectations and requirements.


Project analysis

Once the requirement has been clearly defined, we proceed to model the project using recognised design software such as SolidWorks, SEE Electrical, and specific tools for automation, robotics and cobotics. We can also offer customers the chance to immerse themselves in their future equipment using virtual reality. This phase includes a rigorous risk analysis, certified by an external body at the customer’s request, to guarantee safety and compliance at every stage of the process.



The production phase takes place in our workshops, where the components are precision-machined. We also manage the purchase and subcontracting of the necessary components. Machine assembly and fine-tuning are carried out by the machine designers together with the project manager, enabling us to react quickly and make modifications to the machine until the result expected by the customer is achieved.



The final stage consists of installing the machine on the customer’s site. This phase includes on-site commissioning, full training for the teams involved, personalised technical assistance and final validation of the project. Our aim is to ensure a smooth and efficient transition, enabling customers to get to grips with their new custom-built equipment straight away and reap the benefits.


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At SERAAP, each robotics project is managed by a dedicated, committed project manager who is an expert in robotics. Our project manager, with his innovative vision, offers you personalised support, from conceptualisation to complete project implementation. We are committed to guiding you every step of the way, providing you with tailor-made robotics solutions, whether for automated loading or robotic systems.

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