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The integration of cobotic solutions is becoming essential to meet the growing need for performance and efficiency. At SERAAP, our cobotic systems offer an ideal solution for improving productivity, replacing or assisting manual activities, while reducing musculoskeletal disorders among operators. Whether you are a large group or an SME, from large to small production runs, the collaborative robot is the fastest and most effective way of overcoming labour shortages.

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Our cobotics solutions are characterised by their flexibility, adapting easily to different products, references and sectors of activity, facilitating productive collaboration between man and machine. Discover how our cobotic solutions can transform your production processes, combining human efficiency and robotic precision. Easily programmable, collaborative robots can be integrated anywhere. Their ease of use and flexibility are assets that more and more companies are appreciating. Why not be the next to experience them?

SERAAP offers advanced collaborative robotised workcells for loading and unloading parts from tooling, playing a central role in optimising your production facilities. Our cobots, specially designed for loading a wide range of machines: machining centres, bending machines, injection moulding machines, extruders, or for welding robotics applications, significantly improve operational efficiency. These collaborative robots are designed to interact directly and safely with human operators in a shared space. They are particularly well suited to multi-axis repetitive tasks, including the safe and accurate loading and unloading of machine tools.

SERAAP’s cobotised uprooting cell solutions combine flexibility, reliability and precision. Our solution is designed to integrate easily into any production or warehousing system.
Unlike specialised machines and solutions that are often limited to a specific function, our robotised workcell is highly adaptable and can easily be adjusted to handle a variety of product types. Its ease of reprogramming and modularity, thanks to adjustable peripheral equipment, make it an extremely agile and efficient solution. This flexibility ensures that the SERAAP robotised workcell is not limited to the life of a single product, but continues to deliver value well beyond that, adapting to future changes in your product or process.

SERAAP designs innovative, collaborative board erectors designed to meet a variety of packaging and wrapping needs and requirements. Our robust equipment also guarantees high output and perfect product execution, while minimising servicing and maintenance costs. The innovation lies in the case erector magazine, which is capable of producing boards of different sizes one after the other on the line without adjustment. An interface specially developed by SERAAP enables the operator to act effectively on the line thanks to clear indicators, making it both easy and efficient to use.

SERAAP offers a tailor-made range of collaborative gluing cells, combining cutting-edge technology and customisation. We design semi-automatic and automatic gluing machines tailored to the needs and processes of each customer. Our collaborative gluing solutions are designed to guarantee very fine dispensing precision, high product repeatability and a sustained production rate, while facilitating collaboration between the machines and human operators. Whether for complex industrial applications or more standardised gluing tasks, our machines ensure maximum performance and reliability for seamless integration into your production lines.

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Analysis of customer needs & Technical and Commercial Proposal

At SERAAP, the process begins with a site visit and an audit of the existing situation to refine the priorities and the customer’s specific requirements as described in the specifications. Particular attention is paid to the working methods applied by the operators. Discussions with the teams help to clarify the subtleties of the job and the very specific constraints of the process. This is followed by a proposal for one or more technical and financial solutions, enabling the customer to see the future. Often, as early as this pre-study phase, modifications are drawn up to arrive at a definitive version of the solution envisaged. A feasibility study, including workshop tests, is sometimes necessary to ensure that the proposed solutions fully meet the customer’s expectations and requirements.


Project Analysis

Once the requirement has been clearly defined, we proceed to model the project using recognised CAD software, such as SolidWorks, SEE Electrical, and specific tools for automation, robotics and cobotics. We can also offer customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in their future equipment using virtual reality. This phase includes a rigorous risk analysis, certified by an external body at the customer’s request, to guarantee safety and compliance at every level of the process.



The realization phase takes place in our workshops, where the components are precision-machined. We also manage the purchase and subcontracting of the necessary components. Machine assembly and fine-tuning are carried out by the machine designers together with the project manager, enabling us to react quickly and make modifications to the machine until the result expected by the customer is achieved.



The final stage consists of setting up the machine on the customer’s site. This phase includes on-site commissioning, full training for the teams involved, personalised technical assistance and final validation of the project. Our aim is to ensure a smooth and efficient transition, enabling customers to get to grips with their new custom-built equipment straight away and reap the benefits.


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At SERAAP, each automation project is managed by a dedicated, committed and expert project manager who will support you from the technical and functional audit to programming and wiring construction. We are committed to guiding you every step of the way, providing you with tailor-made automation solutions.

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