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A multidisciplinary design
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Innovation and expertise: the Heart of Engineering at SERAAP

SERAAP is a combination of technical skills and shared passions. Our design and engineering department is made up of a dedicated team of innovation specialists, trained by years of experience in special machinery, machining and assembly. All our business units are organised in a structured way and work to an ISO9001-inspired methodology for a fast, structured project approach and clear answers. We are committed to transforming innovative concepts into realistic, tailor-made technological solutions. At SERAAP, every project is an opportunity to explore a new production model with the ambition of proposing simple solutions to produce more efficiently.



Optimise your purchasing of industrial parts, from trading to machining in France.


Developing innovative, multi-sector technical solutions.


Produce specific quality parts for the assembly of machine modules and components.

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Our core competencies

A close-knit
multidisciplinary team

At SERAAP, our strength lies in our team, united by a shared passion for innovation and technical excellence. Each member of our team brings not only their unique expertise, but also a strong commitment to coming up with ideas that are both innovative and achievable. Together, we form a close-knit, complementary unit, working in an environment conducive to creativity and efficiency.
On a daily basis, we combine our skills to imagine, test and implement new production models that meet today’s industrial challenges. With theoretical backgrounds such as a degree in Special Machines from Angers, or years of experience in machining and assembly, our team complements each other perfectly to find you the best solution. This synergy enables us to find the best solutions for our customers, combining innovation, expertise and practical realism.

At your side

Do you have an industrial equipment development project? Whether it involves special machines, robotics or cobotics, our team is ready to support you at every stage: design, development, industrialisation, series production and maintenance. Our expertise in industrial equipment development is at your service to meet all your challenges. We look forward to discussing your project!

Together towards excellence
our key partners to innovate and succeed :

Our collaborations with competitiveness clusters, industrial platforms and technical institutes are proof of our commitment to innovation and excellence. This synergy with our partners is at the heart of the quality and expertise that SERAAP brings to every project.