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Every industrial company has to take action on its production purchases to ensure that they are as inexpensive as possible, while guaranteeing sufficient quality with lower stock levels. It is against this backdrop that SERAAP has also sought to provide solutions for its customers. Expert sourcing support is therefore crucial to optimising manufacturing processes and reducing costs. SERAAP’s experienced engineering department offers unique expertise in analysing your products and proposing improved manufacturing processes. Our extensive network of foreign suppliers, located less than two days’ drive from France, is a major asset in minimising your costs. Finally, our support is not limited to sourcing, thanks to our workshop in Vendée, which is perfectly equipped to assemble, package and store your products.

Facilitating the import and purchasing process for small structures

Simplify purchasing management with a single point of contact for large organisations

Optimise acquisition costs by ensuring consistent quality and deadlines

Supplies and buffer stock

Global expertise in machining, troubleshooting and assembly

Integrated engineering department expertise

Our product sourcing services

Our expertise in special machine design and our extensive network of suppliers enable us to offer you complete, reliable sourcing solutions for specific components in a wide range of fields: Mechanical welding, sheet metal work, boiler making, machining, casting, electrical harnesses, etc… Our team, highly qualified in Solidworks/Autocad design and made up of expert engineers and technicians, is committed to providing tailor-made solutions that precisely meet your specific needs. We’ve been working internationally for several decades now. Our network of suppliers and subcontractors has been in place for a long time, and every year we continue to qualify new partners in Poland and North Africa. By relying on us, in addition to realising direct savings on products, we enable your purchasing department to concentrate on other matters. SERAAP monitors quality at its partners, organises transport, manages buffer stocks and deals with all the contingencies associated with industrial life. In short, we take care of everything, and we can prove it to you!

SERAAP, in collaboration with its sourcing partners in Poland and North Africa, carefully selected for their expertise, their high-performance equipment and their values, offers a complete range of Mecano-welded assemblies in all existing materials: stainless steel, aluminium and steel.
With SERAAP’s expertise, we offer the design, manufacture and setup of a variety of products such as rotary tables, wintering trolleys, digital bollards and stretchers. Whether it’s for high-volume production, large production runs, high added-value parts or medium-sized production runs, our offer is tailored to your specific needs.

At SERAAP, we work with a family partner in Poland with over 20 years’ experience in the manufacture of electrical harnesses. More than just a supplier, it’s a genuine manufacturing partner, with state-of-the-art cutting and crimping machines and a stock of over 3,000 part numbers. This infrastructure enables us to offer our customers quality products at an optimised price. Our range of wiring harnesses includes everything from electronic boards with full support for CAN bus systems, to standard or customised instrument panels to meet every requirement. From simple single harnesses to the mass production of complex harnesses, our engineering department and ERP system ensure efficient, high-quality design and manufacture.

SERAAP offers a complete range of sourcing services for boiler making and sheet metal work, working with specialist partners to meet a variety of industrial requirements. Our services include precision laser cutting and assembly, specifically tailored to the needs of the food industry, where quality and hygiene are paramount. We also supply components such as bespoke spindles for special machines, ensuring that every part is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and precision.

SERAAP is an expert in machining, offering a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of industry. Our offer includes the manufacture of high-precision machined parts such as pinions for agricultural machinery, components specifically designed for the agri-food sector, and machined heads for the railway industry. Each of these parts is manufactured with the utmost care to customer specifications, using quality materials and the latest proven machining techniques. Our sourcing expertise enables us to guarantee not only the quality and precision of the machined parts, but also optimisation of costs and delivery times.

Our network of foundries in Poland enables us to provide tailor-made solutions and a complete foundry service, particularly in aluminium and grey cast iron. Our aluminium foundry partners produce high-quality parts such as gas distributors, lamp holders and gate covers, with integrated machining operations to ensure a precise, high-quality finish. At the same time, we work with a specialist grey iron foundry, capable of realizing components such as pump casings, valves, hydrants and other systems requiring impeccable sealing.

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We offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to your needs. Any of the proposals described below can be included or excluded depending on what you want:


Analysis and expertise by the Engineering Department

Our engineering department can assess your products to offer you more efficient manufacturing processes aimed at optimising performance and quality. Thanks to our experience in industrial and mechanical engineering, we can help you find the best solution, optimise your purchases, adapt our solutions to your needs and redefine the relevant specifications.


Sourcing and network of qualified suppliers

Our network of more than 30 suppliers in the mechanical and electrical fields is selected by us on the basis of quality and lead time criteria, which is why they are all located less than 2 days’ drive away, thereby reducing costs and logistics lead times. A member of the SERAAP team visits your site regularly to guarantee quality, costs and lead times.


Finishing, setup and storage.

Our 900m2 machining and assembly workshop in Vendée (France) specialises in the assembly, packaging and storage of your products, ensuring complete management of the value chain.



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With SERAAP, you get comprehensive support to optimise your industrial parts purchasing. With over 20 years’ experience in trading with Poland and, more recently, North Africa, SERAAP can help you purchase your sourced products and provide the sourcing expertise of its engineering department to offer you the most suitable product/cost solution.

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Our collaborations with competitiveness clusters, industrial platforms and technical institutes are proof of our commitment to innovation and excellence. This synergy with our partners is at the heart of the quality and expertise that SERAAP brings to every project.