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In a constantly changing industrial world, modernising production lines is crucial to staying competitive. At SERAAP, we understand that every industry has unique needs, and that’s why our expertise as special machine designers is dedicated to meeting your challenges. We are committed to studying your specific needs to develop customised solutions in the design of production lines or the improvement of machines, perfectly adapted to your industrial equipment and the manufacture of finished products.

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Our tailor-made solutions

Our engineering department, staffed by experienced technicians who listen carefully to your needs, is at the heart of our design process. They work closely with you to ensure that the solutions proposed are not only innovative, but also perfectly match your industrial and technological expectations and requirements. Our aim is to provide special machines that not only meet your current needs, but also facilitate your development and profitability.

SERAAP, experts in assembly operations, design special compact machines for cold assembly, including crimping, riveting and clipping. Our riveting expertise ensures robust, durable assembly, ideal for components requiring high mechanical strength. Crimping, meanwhile, offers a precise and reliable solution for joining metal parts without welding. When it comes to welding, we use advanced techniques to ensure a strong, uniform join between materials, while our bonding methods are selected for their efficiency and strength, adapted to various types of material. By choosing SERAAP for your assembly operations, you benefit from a personalised approach, high quality workmanship and seamless integration with your existing processes, ensuring optimised and efficient production.

Our special machines are equipped to carry out a multitude of precise measurements and checks, ensuring the conformity and quality of your products. Our systems are capable of measuring force, torque and weight, as well as checking for leaks and checking passage and continuity. We also incorporate state-of-the-art technologies such as camera inspection, vision sensors and laser sensors to ensure thorough inspection of product shape, appearance and level. At SERAAP, we are committed to providing inspection solutions that not only meet, but exceed industry standards, ensuring reliable and accurate results at every stage of the production process.

Our handling solutions include advanced options such as automated board packing, ensuring greater efficiency and accuracy in the packaging of your products. For loading and unloading, we offer solutions such as sophisticated palletisers and depalletisers, which optimise the transfer and storage of goods. We also design high-performance pick-and-place systems for fast, accurate handling of objects, significantly improving productivity and reducing cycle times. With SERAAP, you can benefit from a smooth, automated workflow tailored to your specific needs.

SERAAP offers special machines designed to handle flexible products at high speeds, an essential expertise in the packaging sector. We develop specialised systems for handling bags, pouches and other flexible products, integrating them efficiently into boarding processes.
Our systems are designed to accurately retrieve products from die-cutting machines, position them correctly (jogging) and place them gently into boards. This technology is particularly well suited to handling delicate operations involving fragile, fresh or irregularly shaped products. Our solutions guarantee not only safe and gentle product handling, but also optimum efficiency in packaging operations, reducing the risk of damage while maintaining high output.

Our expertise focuses on creating machines capable of handling precise machining, whether for small production runs or large-scale parts. We incorporate a variety of advanced machining techniques and use state-of-the-art machine tools to design equipment capable of shaping parts to unique shapes and sizes.

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Analysis of customer requirements and technical and commercial proposal

At SERAAP, the process begins with a feasibility study based on the needs expressed by the customer. A site visit is carried out to carry out a full audit of the existing situation and refine the offer according to the customer’s specific requirements. This is followed by a proposal for one or more technical and financial solutions, tailored to each context. This feasibility analysis stage is crucial to ensuring that our solutions perfectly meet the customer’s expectations and requirements.


Project analysis

Once the requirement has been clearly defined, we proceed to model the project using recognised CAD software, such as SolidWorks, SEE Electrical, and specific tools for automation, robotics and cobotics. We can also offer customers the chance to immerse themselves in their future equipment using virtual reality. This phase includes a rigorous risk analysis, certified by an external body at the customer’s request, to guarantee safety and compliance at every level of the process.



The production phase takes place in our workshops, where the components are precision-machined. We also manage the purchase and subcontracting of the necessary components. The assembly and fine-tuning of the machines is carried out to strict quality and efficiency standards, ensuring that each machine is ready to meet the customer’s requirements.



The final stage involves setting up the machine on the customer’s site. This phase includes the commissioning or re-commissioning of the equipment, together with full training for the relevant teams and ongoing technical support. Our aim is to ensure a smooth and efficient transition, enabling customers to get to grips with their new bespoke equipment straight away and reap the benefits.



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At SERAAP, every special machine project is assigned to a dedicated project manager, who embodies our commitment to complete support, from A to Z. Your project manager, with his global vision and technical expertise, is your privileged point of contact, guiding you every step of the way and ensuring that your objectives are met with excellence and efficiency.

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