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Machining and mechanical assembly operations

Machining and Assembly

Your machining and assembly needs

SERAAP makes bespoke mechanical parts to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses that require specific parts in small and medium quantities at excellent value for money. Manufacturers regularly need specific quality machined parts to guarantee the assembly of modules and components of their products to repair their existing equipment.

Complete project management for tailor-made machines

Flexibility in setting up and adjusting industrial parts

Local machining sub-contracting

Our tailor-made solutions

Production of high-precision parts to customer drawings and specifications for a wide range of sectors: aerospace, telephony, automotive, medical – Machining of all types of materials: engineering plastics, steels, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, bronze, invar, etc.

Machining processes: Milling, Turning, Screw-cutting, Electroerosion, Grinding

We have 2 CNC centres (1000x800x600 mm). We can meet any demand, from one-off parts to small series. Our expert machinists ensure that you receive your parts within 24 to 72 hours, depending on material availability.

Equipped with a SOMAB 300 lathe and a traditional lathe, we can carry out turning operations quickly. Thanks to our network of suppliers specialising in heat or surface treatments, we can respond to every specific request.

Our handling solutions include advanced options such as automated board packing, ensuring greater efficiency and accuracy in the packaging of your products. For loading and unloading, we offer solutions such as sophisticated palletisers and depalletisers, which optimise the transfer and storage of goods. We also design high-performance pick-and-place systems for fast, accurate handling of objects, significantly improving productivity and reducing cycle times. With SERAAP, you can benefit from a smooth, automated workflow tailored to your specific needs.

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Analysis of customer requirements and technical and commercial proposal

At SERAAP, the process begins with a site visit and an audit of the existing situation to refine the priorities and the customer’s specific requirements as described in the specifications. Particular attention is paid to the working methods applied by the operators. Discussions with the teams help to clarify the subtleties of the job and the very specific constraints of the process. This is followed by a proposal for one or more technical and financial solutions, enabling the customer to see the future. Often, as early as this pre-study phase, modifications are drawn up to arrive at a definitive version of the solution envisaged. A feasibility study, including workshop tests, is sometimes necessary to ensure that the proposed solutions fully meet the customer’s expectations and requirements.


Project studies

Once the requirement has been clearly defined, we proceed to model the project using recognised CAD software, such as SolidWorks, SEE Electrical, and specific tools for automation, robotics and cobotics. We can also offer customers the chance to immerse themselves in their future equipment using virtual reality. This phase includes a rigorous risk analysis, certified by an external body at the customer’s request, to guarantee safety and compliance at every level of the process.



The production phase takes place in our workshops, where the components are precision-machined. We also manage the purchase and subcontracting of the necessary components. The assembly and fine-tuning of the machines is carried out to strict quality and efficiency standards, ensuring that each machine is ready to meet the customer’s requirements.



The final stage consists of installing the machine on the customer’s site. This phase includes the commissioning or re-commissioning of the equipment, together with full training for the relevant teams and ongoing technical support. Our aim is to ensure a smooth and efficient transition, enabling customers to get to grips with their new bespoke equipment straight away and reap the benefits.



Need guidance? Do you have a machining or mechanical assembly project?

At SERAAP, each specific project is assigned to a dedicated project manager, who embodies our commitment to complete support, from A to Z. Your Project Manager, with his global vision and technical expertise, is your privileged point of contact, guiding you every step of the way and ensuring that your objectives are achieved with excellence and efficiency.

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