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In a constantly changing industrial world, innovation and adaptation are essential to maintain competitiveness. At SERAAP, we are convinced that not everything has been discovered, and our R&D department explores new methods and approaches on a daily basis, cultivating a permanent technological curiosity, taking part in international trade fairs and training continuously to develop new ideas and think differently about production methods. Officially recognised for our ability to develop innovative, industrialisable principles, we are proud to hold Research Tax Credit (RTC) accreditation and to share technological innovation with our customers, in the service of production and finished products. Whether you want to introduce new processes, integrate cutting-edge technologies, diversify your production or seize market opportunities, SERAAP is your ideal partner.

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Our tailor-made solutions

Our multi-sector approach is a major asset for companies seeking to benefit from advanced technologies tailored to their specific needs. This versatility allows us to apply proven innovations and solutions from one sector to similar challenges in another, enriching each project with a diverse perspective and proven solutions. By exploring some of our R&D projects, find out how we have helped transform innovative concepts into industrialised products or improve existing manufacturing processes.

For “Les Maraîchers Nantais”, SERAAP has developed an innovative R&D project: a mobile platform equipped with a collaborative robot and a specific vision system. This advanced solution enables intelligent, flexible automation of work processes in greenhouses. The collaborative robot, at the heart of this platform, works efficiently and safely close to employees, while the sophisticated vision system ensures greater precision and efficiency in tasks such as picking or sorting produce.

For “La Ruche à Vélos”, SERAAP has designed and developed a secure automated bicycle parking system, an innovative realization from our R&D department. This revolutionary system includes advanced bicycle detection for optimum security. At the heart of the car park, an intelligent stacker crane system picks up the bike and automatically stores it in the designated area. This solution offers the perfect combination of convenience and security for cyclists, reducing the risk of theft or damage while making it easier to park bikes.

For Bejo, a leader in the agricultural sector, SERAAP has developed an R&D project in response to the labour shortage in agriculture: a fully automated mechanical system for a plant straightening machine. This innovation was designed specifically to address the labour shortage in agriculture. Thanks to its ingenious mechanism, the machine is able to straighten plants precisely and gently, optimising the growing process. This project demonstrates SERAAP’s expertise in creating automated mechanical solutions that boost productivity while respecting delicate agricultural produce.

Our R&D department offers innovative automated vending solutions that combine practicality and interactivity. Our team of engineers has designed an automated vending solution for the general public for food products. Our vending system is designed for intuitive use and offers real-time monitoring, ensuring efficient management and proactive maintenance. Our set-ups are designed to accurately retrieve products from cutting machines, position them correctly (jogging) and place them gently into boards. This technology is particularly well suited to handling delicate operations involving fragile, fresh or irregularly shaped products. Our solutions guarantee not only safe and gentle product handling, but also optimum efficiency in packaging operations, reducing the risk of damage while maintaining high output.

For our customer “Coffrage Gaillard”, SERAAP is innovating through its R&D department by creating an adjustable and reusable formwork system, designed to replace the use of multiple disposable dummies in the construction industry. This unique system makes it possible to adapt a single dummy to different shapes and styles of joinery, eliminating the need to design a different dummy for each model. Our solution, which is easily adjustable and requires no special tools, represents a significant advance in terms of durability and efficiency, reducing both the costs and the environmental impact associated with the production of disposable dummies.

For “Gruau”, a commercial vehicle bodybuilder, SERAAP took up the R&D challenge by developing an innovative system designed to facilitate the manual transport of loads. This system, which is both silent and stylish, aims to considerably reduce the physical effort required to carry coffins in funeral vehicles. Our solution combines cutting-edge technologies to offer maximum ergonomic assistance while preserving the working environment.

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Audit and consultancy

At SERAAP, we are convinced that the starting point for an innovative and sustainable project is the establishment of a relationship of trust and careful listening. We carefully assess your economic and technological constraints to select one or two potential solutions, while analysing the state of the art for each of them. A wide range of subsidies is available to help you bring your project to fruition. SERAAP can also help you find the best financing solutions via a wide range of subsidies available to support your project.


Tests and trials

To confirm the validity of the concept, we carry out tests using a demonstrator or prototype to determine the feasibility of the project. If the results are not satisfactory, we repeat the process. If successful, we validate the process, assess its profitability, identify potential risks and draw up precise specifications.



This stage involves creating an initial working model to validate the technical and financial aspects before launching series production.


Final production and sales

Thanks to our European subcontracting network and our factory in Vendée, we can take charge of the complete manufacture of the units. Once this is done, the product marketing phase can begin.


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Our experts put their passion and know-how at your service, working with you to meet technical and technological challenges and create the solutions of tomorrow. Reliability, rigour and professionalism are our watchwords. Our teams are responsible for project management, cost and deadline control, and quality assurance, from the initial idea through to industrialisation and production start-up. Let’s give your ideas a boost!

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